Wicked Pumpkin is one of the Greenland Bosses. It is one of the first Greenland boss that appears and is pretty easy to kill.

Drops Edit

It has basically the same kind of Drops that the other Elites from the greenland area there drop. But it contains more equip stones and also Epic level 30 Items. It is level 30, too.

Information Edit

The Wicked Pumpkin has 537137 HP and is, for low leveled people, hard to kill and shouldnt be attacked. If you already do 1000 damage you can try killing it alone, but that will take a little bit of time. Also, by killing the Wicked Pumpkin a portal to the Lost Lands (Lv. 10-40) appears. It cannot be accessed by people below and above Lv. 10 and 40. It contains the Epic Wicked Pumpkin which has better drops (Gems, epic items, etc.) and is alot harder to kill. Dont try it alone.

Spawn coordinates Edit

You can find the Wicked Pumpkin at the coordinates of x: 400; y: 360, x: 680; y: 460, and some that are not listed here. Dont try him if you dont do enough damage, or go there with higher leveled people / friends.