Green Island Edit

Green Island

Green Island

Green Island leveling picture. 

This wikia is pretty much awful. I hope I can make it better! I am creating alot new sites and gaining new informations, just to make it better. I hope the wikia will someday look good. If I see pages, for Camilla for example, which only show COORDINATES, this is awful. We need more text, not just "x: 12345345 y: 36347" and thats it. I already created a page about Diamonds, drops and more. And MORE TO COME! Trying to edit every page so it looks good. I hope you like my Idea. Even if there are only like 5-10 active players of MB, thats worth the work :( / :)

- Yannikim alias xZhiarx in Magic Barrage, Owner of the Guild "Zhiars Mastery"

Yannikim (talk) 15:58, December 13, 2015 (UTC)

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