Every monster drops the same Items, based on their location. To look up these drops, you just clicked on this Page!

Basic Information about Drops Edit

Drops arent the same everytime. A boss, for example, doesnt drop the same items. Anyways, I will list the drops of Epic Bosses and Bosses too. It wont be as precise tho.

Drops of Bosses and Epic Bosses Edit

Bosses Edit

The drops of Bosses are usually the same you would get in the area of their level. If you kill the WIcked Pumpkin, you will get Level 30 drops, because he is Level 30. But in addition to this, the bosses drop alot more equipment Stones which can be used to forge items. The bosses also drop Item recipes and Epic items, it can also happen that they drop Rare or precious pet eggs, which isnt that frequently.

Epic Bosses Edit

Epic bosses do the same like normal bosses. They drop items based on their level but in addition to this, they have a higher Chance to drop Epic items, (higher Epic bosses: Legendary Items ), recipes and in addition to the drops of the bosses they also Drop gems. Based on their level, this can be Level 5 Gems, or Level 3 gems. The rest will pretty much be like normal bosses / based on their level drops.

Level-Based drops Edit

Level based drops are the drops of the Enemies in different Areas. In the Level 10 Area, you will most of the time get Level 10 items for example. sometimes, because it is the "Level 10-20" area, it can also contain Level 20 drops. Pet Eggs wil not be listed as they are NOT Level based drops, they are General Rare drops.

Level 10 Drops Edit

Level 10 drops of the first Area will contain:

[Iron Ore], [Shoddy Cloth], [Minnow], [Primary Equipment Stone(s)], [Mid Magic Shard*], [Mid Blood Stone*] AND all Level 10 weapons except for S weapons. You can get T weapons, but only in Dungeons as a rare drop. * = It is only a dungeon reward. I dont know if it is a General drop.

Level 20 Drops Edit

Note: Most of the level 20 drops can be gained in level 10 areas and level 10 dungeons too, as it is marked as Level 10 TO 20 area.

Level 20 Drops will contain:

[Copper Ore], [Craggy Equipment Stone], [Craggy Cloth], [Wild Grass], [Large Blood Stone*], [Large Magic Shard*], AND all Level 20 weapons including T but excluding S. T weapons are a rare dungeon reward. The highest T weapon you can obtain in dungeons as a drop is T4, anyways. * = It is a dungeon reward, I dont know if it is a general drop.