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Daily activities lists tasks that may be performed once a day or daily scheduled activities. Each activity provides various reward including reputation, REC, and gold.

The ActivitiesEdit

The following lists the activities once, in the order as seen in the game. A brief description follows

Scheduled ActivitiesEdit

The following activities are singled out due to the time restrictions placed on them. The times are based on the in-game clock.

Brave DuelsEdit

12:15 - 12:45PM

6:00 -  6:30PM
9:00 -  9:30PM


This activity has a 5-minute sign-up period beforehand.

12:00 - 12:15PM

8:00 -  8:15PM

Solitary Island CrisisEdit

This activity has a 5-minute sign-up period beforehand.

7:30 -  7:45PM


Some of the Daily Activities are on the Daily Guide.

Spirit Treasure Vault is the only activity on the list that requires Diamonds to perform. It may be performed twice.

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